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Arduino ProtoShield Kit (DEV-13820)

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The SparkFun ProtoShield Kit lets you customize your own Arduino shield using whatever circuit you can come up with and then test it to make sure everything is working the way it should! The SparkFun ProtoShield Kit is based on the Arduino R3’s footprint that allows you to easily incorporate it with your favourite Arduino-based device.

One of our features on this version of the ProtoShield Kit is the solderable-like breadboard prototyping area! Half of this area was designed with a breadboard in mind. On the underside of the shield, you will be able to see open jumper pads between each through hole to make a connection like a breadboard. Once you add a component, simply add a solder jumper between holes to make a connection.

In this version, they've also moved the prototype testing components (those used to make sure your circuit works effectively) off of the "mainland" of the shield and onto a ProtoSnap styled, removable PCB. On this test area, you will find soldering areas for the two yellow 3mm LEDs (as well as pins to control and power them), two 330 Ohm resistors, a 10K Ohm resistor, and a pushbutton.

Please Note:

  • Since this product is a kit, assembly and basic knowledge of soldering will be required.
  • Arduino R3 Footprint
  • Soldering Kit
  • Solderable-Like Breadboard
  • BlueSMiRF or Comparable 6-pin Pins
  • Detachable Test Area