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Gameduino 3X

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In 2011 the original Gameduino brought vintage gaming to the Arduino.

In 2013 Gameduino 2 set a new standard in hand-held open-source gaming.

Now Gameduino 3 raises the bar again. Even more processing power for your games and applications - plus real video playback, all using a regular Arduino.

Gameduino 3X adds a bright touchscreen to the Arduino. Its state-of-the-art BT816 embedded GPU lets you create graphics, audio and video for your applications and games. It is by far the most capable graphics shield for the Arduino, and many find it the easiest to use.

  • Video decompressor for full-screen 30 fps video
  • 1 megabyte of onboard RAM, 1 gigapixel per second fill rate
  • microSD card and audio output with sample playback
  • High contrast 4.3" 480x272  or 7" 800x480 LCD panels with resistive touchscreen
  • Support for maps created with the Tiled Map Editor
  • PNG image loading from microSD
  • Accelerated JPEG loader
  • Hardware portrait/landscape orientation switching
  • Full support for Arduino, ESP8266 and Teensy 3.2
  • Online tools for graphics, audio, font and video preparation

All these features are available from the GD library for Arduino, which now includes full support for both GD2 and GD3.

There are examples and code on the project page.

Tiled Map Editor

The Gameduino 3 hardware, software and documentation are open-source (BSD license).