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Lipo Rider Plus (Charger/Booster) - 5V/2.4A USB Type C

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The Lipo Rider Plus from Seeed is not only a Fast Charger but also a Strong PowerBoost, supports up to 5V/2A charging current, boosts output integration, output up to 5V/2.4A, and can also output 3.3V /250mA. The 3.3V output is normally on, and the 5V output supports IO control or a manual switch, which means you can use 3.3V to supply power for a microcontroller and use the I/O of this microcontroller to control the 5V output, totally programmable.

The Lipo Rider Plus is not only a charger but also a power supply and a booster. With the help of Lipo Rider Plus, you can input a 3.7V lipo battery, and output up to 5V/2.4A via the USB Type-A port. With the onboard switch, you can control the ON/OFF of the USB port easily along with a full-function pin header, which can output 3.3V/250mA as well.

Please Note: 

  • Make sure you use a built-in battery protector for your lithium battery or that you can connect a separate battery protector, otherwise, it may overcharge or over-discharge the battery.
  • Up to 5V / 2A charging current - USB Type C
  • Up to 5V / 2.4A output current - USB Type A
  • Provides 3.3V / 250mA output - Pin Header
  • Support for shutdown output (IO control/manual switch)
  • Onboard charge status indicator LED + Onboard 4-segment power indicator LED
  • Ultra-small 2.5cm*4.1cm
  • Single-layer layout easy mount.