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Solar Panel - 1W 80x100

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This is an 80mm x 100mm solar panel. At peak output, it produces 0.935W power with a peak voltage of 5.5V and a current of 170mA. The panel weighs around 34g. Its power connection wires are 12cm long and terminated with a 2-pin female JST plug, which can be easily cut off if not needed. The cell is quite tough, but like all solar cells, small amounts of damage (scratches etc) can degrade performance.

Efficiency is 15.5% and the module is about 2mm deep.

  • Typical peak power: 0.935W
  • Voltage at peak power: 5.5v
  • Current at peak power: 170mA
  • Efficiency: 15.5%
  • Connector: 2.0mm JST