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More Advanced Robotics with Lego Mindstorms

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The more advanced robotics with Lego® Mindstorms book shows the reader how to extend the capabilities of the brilliant Lego Mindstorms Robotic Invention System (RIS) by using Lego's own accessories and some simple home constructed units.

You will be able to build robots that can provide you with 'waiter service' when you clap your hands, perform tricks, 'see' and avoid objects by using 'bats radar', or accurately follow a line marked on the floor.

The innovative Lego Vision Command System is also covered, and this can enable your robots to literally 'see' the world around them and respond accordingly.

Learn to use additional types of sensors including rotation, light, temperature, sound and ultrasonic and also explore the possiblities provided by using an additional (third) motor.

For the less experienced, RCX code programs accompany most of the featured robots. However, the more adventurous reader is also shown how to write programs using Microsoft's VisualBASIC running with the ActiveX control (Spirit.OCX) that is provided with the RIS kit. This more sophisicated approach can also permit data read from the robots to be displayed on the PC as an analogue or digital readout. It is even possible to take numerous readings over a period of time and display the results as an on-screen chart or graph.

Detailed building instructions are provided for the featured robots, including numerous step-by-step photographs. The designs include rover vehicles, a virtual pet, a robot arm, an 'intelligent' sweet dispenser and a colour conscious robot that will grab objects of a specific colour. Control software for all robots is provided, together with detailed explanations of how these programs operate.

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