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LED Addressable Rigid Matrix - 16x16 - 160mm x 160mm - SK6812 (Adafruit NeoPixel compatible)

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 This LED matrix contains a grid of 256 individually controllable LEDs spaced 10mm apart. The matrix itself is rigid and ideal for attaching to a wall or surface. It's great for wearable projects, advertisements or just creating low res images.

It's easy to get connected and program. There is a 3-pin JST SM connection for DATA in and out, a 5V Vin connection as well as the usual GND. The WS2812 chip means the matrix will work perfectly with the Adafruit NeoPixel library you know and love.

Like with most of the LED strips and matrices we sell it is possible to chain more than one of these together. If you do choose to do this then we'd advise calculating what power source you'd need otherwise you might not even be able to power it.

You can connect the ground pin together and power it with 5V. You can chain as many as you'd like although after 4 or more panels you may run low on RAM depending on what controller you're using. But please remember, watch your power usage too, you may need a beefier power supply if you're using more than a few!

  • Panel Type: Rigid
  • Dimensions: 160 x 160mm (L x H)
  • Pixels: 256 Individual
  • Power Source: 5V DC
  • Power: 51 W/pcs
  • IC Control: WS2812
  • Connections:
    • V+: Red
    • GND: Black
    • COM-: Green
    • DATA: Blue