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LED Starter Kit

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The Cool Components LED Starter Kit contains over 100 LEDs in a range of different colours and sizes all packed in a reusable component box. In addition to containing the standard Red, Green, Blue and Yellow LEDs this kit also includes RGB Common Cathode LEDs, WS2811 RGB LEDs which are fully NeoPixel compatible and some handy current limiting resistors. The perfect kit for anyone looking to use LEDs in an upcoming project or just restocking their workbench.


  • 10 x RGB Common Cathode LED
  • 10 x WS2811 LEDs (NeoPixel Compatible)
  • 10 x Super Bright White LEDs
  • 10 x 3mm Red LED
  • 10 x 5mm Red LED
  • 10 x 3mm Green LED
  • 10 x 5mm Green LED
  • 10 x 3mm Blue LED
  • 10 x 5mm Blue LED
  • 10 x 3mm Yellow LED
  • 10 x 5mm Yellow LED
  • 20 x Resistor (220R)