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USB-C Breakout Board

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This breakout board makes the popular reversible USB-C connector easier than ever to use in your projects without any fiddly soldering. The USB C connections (D+, D-, CC1, CC2, SBU1, SBU2, VBUS, and GND) are broken out into standard 0.1" spaced breadboard-friendly pins and clearly labeled.

Use this board to replace an existing older USB connection or integrate it into your system to take advantage of the higher power capabilities of USB C.


  • CC2
  • SBU1
  • D+
  • D-
  • CC1
  • SBU2
  • VBUS
  • GND

In this configuration, the CC1 & CC2 pins are pulled to GND meaning the board acts as a "sink" device and Upstream Facing Port.