Dev Boards

Need a specific board for a project? With our selection of microprocessor development boards like Arduino, Beaglebone, Raspberry Pi, Netduino, mbed, Pololu A-Star, FEZ, Intel Edison and Galileo, Makey Makey, Olimex and Teensy you won't need to look far.
Espruino Mdbt42Q Breakout - Bluetooth

Espruino MDBT42Q Breakout

£20.00 inc VAT
£16.67 ex VAT
Nrf52832-Mdk V2 Iot Micro Development Kit - Dev Boards

nRF52832-MDK V2 IoT Micro Development Kit

£31.99 inc VAT
£26.66 ex VAT
Lopy Lora Wifi + Ble Micropython Dev Board - Other

LoPy LoRa, WiFi + BLE MicroPython Dev Board

£38.30 inc VAT
£31.92 ex VAT
Wipy 2.0 Wifi + Bluetooth Micropython Dev Board - Dev Boards
Redbear Duo (Wi-Fi + Ble) With Headers - Dev Boards Save 33%

RedBear Duo (Wi-Fi + BLE) with Headers

£25.00 inc VAT
£16.75 inc VAT
£13.96 ex VAT
Pycom Fipy - Dev Boards

Pycom FiPy

£71.99 inc VAT
£59.99 ex VAT