Educational Kits

Our wide range of educational kits are the start for makers and inventors of all ages who have an interest in learning electronics. From taking your first steps into soldering, to simple electronics, making e-textiles or even building your own robot, our great kits from Arduino, micro:bit, Raspberry Pi and more are suitable for beginners and advanced inventors alike!  

Raspberry Pi 3 Official Starter Kit - White - Raspberry Pi Kits

Raspberry Pi 3 Official Starter Kit - White

£55.00 inc VAT
£45.83 ex VAT
Bbc Micro:bit Starter Kit - Kits

BBC micro:bit Starter Kit

£17.82 inc VAT
£14.85 ex VAT
Makey Makey Classic By Joylabz (Kit-14478) - Kits

Makey Makey Classic by JoyLabz (KIT-14478)

£39.98 inc VAT
£33.32 ex VAT
Cool Components Bundle For Google Paper Signals - Kits

Cool Components Bundle for Google Paper Signals

£26.99 inc VAT
£22.49 ex VAT
Mearm Pocket Sized Robot Arm - Kits Sold out

MeArm Pocket Sized Robot Arm

£32.99 inc VAT
£27.49 ex VAT
Cool Components Bbc Micro:bit With Inventors Kit Bundle - Kits
Arduino Starter Kit - Kits

Arduino Starter Kit

£83.99 inc VAT
£69.99 ex VAT
Micro:bit In Wonderland - Basic Companion Kit - Kits
Cool Components Bbc Micro:bit With:move Mini Buggy Kit Bundle - Kits
Grove Bundle Starter Kit For Arduino + Arduino Uno R3 - Kits
Zumo Robot For Arduino V1.2 (Assembled With 75:1 Hp Motors) - Shields
Zumo 32U4 Robot (Assembled With 75:1 Hp Motors) - Robot
Stemtera Breadboard - Arduino Uno + Lego® Compatible - White - Kits
Grove Starter Kit For Arduino - Kits

Grove Starter Kit for Arduino

£46.06 inc VAT
£38.38 ex VAT
Grove Pi + Starter Kit For The Raspberry Pi - Kits

Grove Pi + Starter Kit for the Raspberry Pi

£68.78 inc VAT
£57.32 ex VAT
Day Of The Geek Soldering Badge Kit - White - Kits

Day of the Geek soldering badge kit

£6.00 inc VAT
£5.00 ex VAT
Grovepi+ Bundle Starter Kit + Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ - Raspberry Pi Kits