ElecFreaks Products

The BBC micro:bit is a very versatile board designed for easy learning and to be classroom-friendly. With our huge range of ElecFreaks products you can now do even more with your micro:bit, turn it into a games console with a joystick:bit, add even more control options with motor:bit or breadboard adaptor. Keep your micro:bit safe and dust free with our selection of cases. If you're new to electronics or the micro:bit with the ElecFreaks starter kit you'll learn a lot about electronics with all the components to create 11 different experiments!



Elecfreaks Tinker Kit For Bbc Micro:bit (Micro:bit Not Included) - Kits
Ring:bit Car - BBC micro:bit Educational Smart Robot Buggy Kit for Kids - Education
Motor:bit Acrylic Smart Car Kit (Without Micro:bit Board) - Kits
Smart Home Kit For Bbc Micro:bit (Micro:bit Not Included) - Micro:bit
BBC micro:bit Watch - Smart Coding Kit (micro:bit not included) - Micro:bit