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Robit for BBC micro:bit - DIY Smart Car Robot Development Platform (mbot Compatible)

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The Robit is the motherboard for a smart car based on the micro:bit that is compatible with MBOT. Except for the integration of the simple and convenient RJ25 connector, motor connector and sensor on the MBOT, there are 4 extended DC motor connectors, 2 stepping motor connectors(same with 4 DC motor connectors) and 8 PWM signal output connectors on this board.

You can use it for PWM signal driving devices like servos. It also has 8 G-5V-S digital signal connectors(for connecting with OCTOPUS electric bricks). Robit can realise all the current basic functions of MBOT. You can extend and customise it with even more extra sensors, motors, servos, stepping motors and so on.

Please Note:

  • MBOT and micro:bit are not included.
  • Dimensions: 90mm x 74mm
  • Barrel Jack Connector: 1.3mm x 3.5mm
  • Compatible with MBOT chassis and sensors.
  • Support 4 channels of DC motor and 2 channels of stepping motors.
  • With 8 PWM signal output connectors.
  • With 8 G-5V-S digital signal connectors(for OCTOPUS electric brick).
  • With 4 G-5V-S analogue signal connectors(for OCTOPUS electric brick).
  • Integrate frequently used modules like a buzzer, rainbow LED, light sensor, infrared and more.
  • Easy to program