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Grove - 0.54‘’ Red Quad Alphanumeric Display

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This is a red backlit 4 digit alphanumeric display, each digit consists of 14-segments. While popular 7-segment displays can only display the numbers 0-9 and a limited number of letters, these 14-segment digital displays do not have this limitation which is why it's referred to as an alphanumeric display.

Usually, the 14-segment display needs to use 17 or more wires to control the display which means that a lot of IO pins are used on your main control board. With the help of an onboard HT16K33 chip and Grove connector, this display can be controlled using I2C. This means only four wires are required! No troublesome soldering and no complicated wiring!

  • Can display all letters and numbers
  • Ultra-high brightness:30mcd
  • Grove I2C - only takes two IO pins
  • Onboard drivers, easy to use
  • Cathode display

Possible Applications:

  • Clock display
  • Display speed, temperature, etc.
  • Letter display