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Grove - RGB LED Ring (20 - WS2813 Mini)

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The Grove - RGB LED Ring (20 - WS2813 Mini) is a mini version of WS2813 Digital RGB LED Ring.

The RGB LED Ring are 3535-sized LEDs with an embedded microcontroller inside the LED. The WS2813s are each addressable as the driver chip is located inside the LED. Each LED has a constant current drive so the colour will be very consistent even if the voltage is changed.

Signal break-point continuous transmission means that as long as two or more adjacent LEDs aren't  broken, the remaining LEDs will be still work normally.

  • The control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a 3535 components, to form an external control pixel.
  • Intelligent Reverse-connection protection.
  • Built-in signal reshaping circuit
  • 256 gray level and 16777216 full-colour display
  • Dual-signal wires version, signal break-point continuous transmission