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Intel Edison

Intel® Edison is a small, high powered, WiFi enabled development board. Prototype quickly and get to market faster with a wide selection of boards, kits, breakouts for Arduino and Sparkfun blocks that add functionality to the basic Intel® Edison module.

With a fully open source hardware and software development environment for a range of products, the Intel® Edison module will suit expert makers, entrepreneurs, and industrial IoT companies alike.

  • Edison Robot - Spare Edcomm Cable - Cables And Adapters

    Edison Robot - Spare EdComm Cable

    £4.00 inc VAT
    £3.33 ex VAT
    2 reviews

    DESCRIPTION The EdComm cable is the special cable used to download programs to Edison robots from any of the Edison robotics programming languages....

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    £4.00 inc VAT
    £3.33 ex VAT