LCD Displays

LCD displays and breakout boards for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Grove and Featherboard. Our range includes 16x2 to 20x4 monochrome LCD displays, 1.8" to 2.8" 18-bit colour displays and the really impressive looking 8" full HDMI LCD display! With the majority of the boards coming pre-soldered it makes them easy to add into any project where you want visual output.

Raspberry Pi 7 Touchscreen Display - Lcd Displays

Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display

£59.99 inc VAT
£49.99 ex VAT
Tft Lcd Display 8 Hdmi 800X600 - Raspberry Pi Compatible - Lcd Displays
2.8 Tft Touch Shield For Arduino W/capacitive Touch (Id: 1947) - Lcd Displays
2.2 18-Bit Color Tft Lcd Display With Microsd Card Breakout (Id: 1480) - Lcd Displays
1.8 18-Bit Color Tft Lcd Display With Microsd Card Breakout (Id: 358) - Lcd Displays
Lcd Controllable Blackout Panel Lclv - Lcd Displays

LCD Controllable Blackout Panel LCLV

£7.50 inc VAT
£6.25 ex VAT
Tft Featherwing - 2.4 320X240 Touchscreen For All Feathers (Id: 3315) - Lcd Displays
Green 16X2 Lcd Display - Lcd Displays

Green 16x2 LCD Display

£10.80 inc VAT
£9.00 ex VAT
Usb + Serial Backpack Kit With 16X2 Rgb Backlight Negative Lcd (Id: 784) - Lcd Displays
Red On Black 16X2 Lcd Display - 5V (Lcd-00791) - Lcd Displays
Grove I2C Lcd Display W/ Universal Grove Cable - Lcd Displays
Tft Colour Display 0.96 160X80 W/ Microsd Card Breakout - St7735 (Id: 3533) - Lcd Displays
Serial Enabled 16x2 LCD - Red on Black 3.3V (LCD-09068) - LCD Displays Sold out
Serial Enabled 16x2 LCD - Red on Black 5V (LCD-09394) - LCD Displays Sold out
Tfp401 Hdmi/dvi Decoder To 40-Pin Ttl Breakout - With Touch (Id: 2219) - Lcd Displays
Ntsc/pal (Television) Tft Display - 1.5 Diagonal - Lcd Displays
Serial Enabled 16X2 Lcd - Black On Green 5V (Lcd-09393) - Lcd Displays
Green 20x4 LCD Display - LCD Displays Sold out

Green 20x4 LCD Display

£18.43 inc VAT
£15.36 ex VAT
TFT LCD Breakout - 1.8 (128x160) (LCD-15143) - LCD Displays