The BBC micro:bit is a simple to use and learn development board designed by the BBC for use within the classroom. Due to it's simplicity of block programming  and plug-and-play electronics the micro:bit is incredibly easy for beginners of all ages to learn! covering a wide array of subjects across the curriculum has made it one of the most popular choices for schools and colleges around the world! 

:move Mini Buggy Kit (Excluding Micro:bit) - Other

:MOVE mini buggy kit (excluding micro:bit)

£27.54 inc VAT
£22.95 ex VAT
Ring:bit Car - BBC micro:bit Educational Smart Robot Buggy Kit for Kids - Education
Motor:bit Acrylic Smart Car Kit (Without Micro:bit Board) - Kits
Bulldozer Add-On For The:move Mini - Other

Bulldozer Add-On For The :MOVE MINI

£8.99 inc VAT
£7.49 ex VAT
Bumper Add-On For The:move Mini - Other

Bumper Add-On For The :MOVE MINI

£1.99 inc VAT
£1.66 ex VAT
Smart Car Chassis For Bbc Micro:bit - Micro:bit

Smart Car Chassis for BBC micro:bit

£10.99 inc VAT
£9.16 ex VAT
Servo:lite Board For:move Mini - Other

Servo:Lite board for :MOVE mini

£11.40 inc VAT
£9.50 ex VAT
Micro:bot Kit (Kit-14216) - Kits

micro:bot Kit (KIT-14216)

£70.91 inc VAT
£59.09 ex VAT
Mearm Robot Micro:bit Kit - Blue - Robot

MeArm Robot micro:bit Kit - Blue

£70.00 inc VAT
£58.33 ex VAT