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Digital RGBW Addressable LED Weatherproof Strip 60 LED Cool White - 1m

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This is a 1-meter long flexible strip of 60 individually controllable RGBW LEDs, the 'W' means "white". The RGBW led strip uses the SK6812RGBW chip. This LED RGBW strip uses the most popular white shade called Cool White, 6000K - 7000K. The strip comes with a white PCB.

Each 1-meter strip can be cut into sections and still work, or, if you need something longer, they can be daisy-chained with other strips to build huge displays capable of basic video frame rates.

The strips come in a weatherproof transparent jacket that is removable with a sharp knife.

The LEDs are controlled by shift registers built into each lamp. In order to drive the strip you need 5v, GND and Data - easy! Once the registers are loaded, you can stop sending data.

These strips have a maximum voltage of 5V - anything higher will blow them up!

5 different colours of white can be achieved by using different temperatures. The RGBW led strip uses the SK6812RGBW chip.

  • Blue white: 6000K-6800K
  • Natural white: 3800K-4200K
  • Warm white: 2000K-2200K/2400K-2600K/2700K-3000K