DAB DAB+ FM Digital Radio Development Board Pro with SlideShow

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The Monkeyboard DAB+ FM Digital Radio Development Board provides a platform for developing and evaluating DAB+ and FM receiver. The board contains a Keystone T2_L4A_8650C DAB/FM module and a Microchip PIC18F14K50 microcontroller. The T2_L4A_8650C module is an ultra low power DAB/FM receiver module.

What can you do with it?

  • Build a PC controlled DAB+ FM Digital Radio
  • Build a CAR PC DAB+ FM Digital Radio
  • Build a standalone DAB+ FM Digital Radio (requires external microcontroller)

Note: Antenna included.

  • ETSI EN 300 401 compliant receiver
  • DAB/DAB+ sensitivity to -99dBm (typical)
  • Decodes multiple audio services up to 256kbps without external RAM
  • FM with RDS (*** RDS reception only available for station name, station text and genre and is subjected to certain condition of power level and frequency deviation)
  • Combined antenna input for FM / Band3
  • Support DAB L-Band reception (*** Although the Keystone module supports L-Band, the SMA connector has no connection to the L-Band pin, customer will need to solder a separate antenna and other passive components to make it work.)
  • Serial control interface
  • RoHS compliant
  • Slideshow
  • EPG (hardware support, software under development)

The Microchip PIC18F14K50 provides a USB to Serial interface for the T2_L4A_8650C module to communicate with the host PC. Despite the sample code provided in this Development Board for communicating with the board is based on serial communication, user can analyse the serial communication and implements a driverless HID protocol by rewriting the firmware on the PIC18F14K50.

New SlideShow Feature

With an upgrade module using the KeyStone T2_L4A_8650C, this board now support SlideShow. Slideshow adds visual content (slides) to radio broadcasts on DAB or DAB+. It enhanced the digital radio with visuals using images in JPEG or PNG format.

Feature Summary


  • KeyStone T2_L4A_8290C DAB/DAB+/FM radio module
  • Microchip PIC18F14K50 USB Flash Microcontroller
  • 12 Mhz crystal
  • standard ICSP programming port for programming the PIC18F14K50
  • EXT port logic signal for controlling external audio chip power and mute
  • status LED, RX (orange) and TX (green)
  • power LED (red)
  • Bootloader push button
  • 1.2VDC, 1.8VDC, 3.3VDC LDO
  • 3.5mm stereo jack
  • SMA antenna connector
  • Dimensions : 78mm x 45mm

Demo Software

Product developed by Customers

Mickz's customised Frontend

Mickz from Australia brought new life to this product with his customised frontend. Desired features that were not in the original demo had been added and developed by Mickz. Other than great features, the app and its source code in Visual Studio 2010 are provided free to MP3CAR forum members. Below are some screenshots of Mickz's frontend, for details features, discussion and development status, please follow this MP3CAR forum thread

. usedabfmsa1fmnorh

CdRsKuLL's FreeICE DAB Plugin

CdRsKuLL from FreeICE UK is currently working on a plugin for this radio and has done a great job developing a simple test app for user to easily start playing with this radio without needing to understand complexity of the current demo program. Below are the screenshots FreeICE DAB plugin and for the release of this plugin, please follow his development logs on this FreeICE forum's thread

. FreeICE DAB Radio pluginFreeICE radioFM

John Jore's Centrafuse Plugin

John from Australia has been working really hard coding his DAB plugin for Centrafuse and it is now officially on Centrafuse's store for FREE!! John also came out with a very innovative idea to auto detect the board and this concept is now also used by other developers for auto port detection. Below are the screenshots of John's Centrafuse plugin and for release of this plugin, please head to Centrafuse development forum and Centrafuse DAB plugin store

.Centrafuse 01Centrafuse 02

Driveline by ClockWork

Driveline an opensource CarPC software that does almost everything a commercial software does has released a latest build with support of this DAB development kit. Driveline has a clean and easy to navigate user interface and radio port configuration is fully GUI driven. The coder behind Driveline literally code the DAB support in a country without DAB reception! Well done! Below are the screenshots of Driveline and to download the full version please head to Driveline's forum at MP3Car

.driveline 01driveline 02