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Electronic Parts Kit

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This massive kit has 280 parts! The electronic parts kit is a comprehensive selection of components for making a wide variety of electronics projects. It comes in a useful hard plastic case that can be reused for storage.

The parts included with this kit range from standard jumper wires and breadboards to a great selection of transistors, capacitors and resistors. For audio projects a speaker, microphone and buzzer are included. Also plenty of LEDs, microchips a button and sensors will expand the number of things that you can make.

Parts in Kit

  • Plastic Box: 19cm x 13.5cm x 6.2cm x1
  • Breadboard: 170PTS x2
  • Jumper Wires Male to Male: Pack of 65 x1
  • Photo Resistor: 5549 x1
  • Buzzer: 5V x1
  • Speaker: 0.5W 8Ω x1
  • Transistor: 8050(NPN) x5
  • Transistor: 8550(PNP) x5
  • Transistor: 9013(NPN) x5
  • Transistor: 9012(PNP) x5
  • Diode: 1N4148 x10
  • Resistor 1/4W, 5%: (470、1K、4.7K、10K、20K、47K、100K、200K、510K、1M)
  • Round Magnet: x1
  • Red LED: 3mm x5
  • Green LED: 3mm x5
  • Yellow LED: 3mm x5
  • White LED: 3mm x5
  • White Straw Hat LED: 5mm x5
  • Red Straw Hat LED: 5mm x5
  • Green Straw Hat LED: 5mm x5
  • Blue Straw Hat LED: 5mm x5
  • Chip CD4069: Hex Inverter x1
  • Chip CD4017: Decade Counter/Divider x1
  • Chip LM386: Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier x1
  • Chip NE555: Precision Timer x1
  • Chip CD4011: Quad 2-Input NAND Gate x1
  • Chip CD4026: CMOS Decode Counter/Divider x1
  • 7-Segment Display: Red x1
  • Microphone: Electret x1
  • Reed Switch: x1
  • Ceramic Capacitor 50V: (0.01u、0.047u、0.1u、0.47u、1uF) x10 pcs each
  • Electrolytic Capacitor: (4.7u、10u、47u、100u、220uF) x5 pcs each
  • Thermistor: x1
  • Coin Cell Battery Holder: 2032 x2
  • Tactile Push Button: 50mA x5
  • Potentiometer with knob: x1