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I2C Encoder V2

by Duppa
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The I2C Encoder V2 is a small board where you can use a classical mechanical encoder or an illuminated RGB encoder on the I2C bus. The device has also 3 configurable GPIOs with the same footprint as an RGB LED. It's possible to connect up to 127 boards in cascade and read all of them with the same I2C bus.

This board has a series of 8-bit registers where it is possible to configure the parameters and four 32-bit registers. These 32-bit registers store counter value, the value of increment steps, maximum and minimum thresholds. Every time when encoder rotates at least one step, the counter value increases or decreases according to the rotation direction by the value of the increment steps register. When the counter value is outside of the limit set by the threshold registers, the counter value can be wrapped or can be stuck on the threshold value reached. The I2C Encoder V2 also has an open-drain interrupt pin. It is set to logic low every time an interrupt occurs, the source of the interrupt can be customised.

This board works perfectly with the RGB Rotary Encoder by SparkFun!

  • I2C bus working up to 400kHz, with the possibility to enable the pull-up resistor
  • Possibility to connect 16 encoders on the same I2C bus, by setting the addresses with 4 SMD jumpers
  • Possibility to add a bi-colour LED and set an 8-bit PWM value
  • Open-drain Interrupt output pin, so no need to continue polling the devices
  • Easily chainable thanks to the connectors on the left and right sides
  • Any type of rotary encoder fits
  • It can read in X1 and X2 modes. This can be useful with the encoder without detent
  • 32-bit counter with also MAX and MIN thresholds
  • Voltage range is 2.5V to 5V
  • Possibility to customize the internal FW