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Grove - LCD RGB Backlight

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Are you done with a tedious mono colour backlight? This Grove module enables you to set the colour to whatever you like via the simple and concise Grove interface. It uses I2C as the communication method with your microcontroller. So a number of pins are required for data exchange and backlight control shrinks from ~10 to 2, relieving IOs for other challenging tasks. 

The Grove - LCD RGB Backlight also supports user-defined characters, so if you want to get a love heart or some other foreign characters into your work, there is nothing stopping you from designing it!

Please Note: 

  • The contrast of the display can be changed by replacing resistor R& with a larger value.
  • Dimensions: 83mm x 44mm x 13mm
  • Colourful RGB Backlight
  • Built-in English and Japanese fonts
  • I2C communication uses only two IOs
  • Automatic power-on reset