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PCB Fab-in-a-Box Kit

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The PulsarProFX PCB Fabrication system allows simple, fast, cheap and repeatable one-off PCB fabrication. The system works by the heat transfer of a design to your copper PCB laminate. The heat source can be an iron or more preferably, a roll feed laminator. The system can produce fine trace and surface mount designs with no problem. With a little care, double sided boards can be produced.

This system is equal to, but cheaper alternative of the photoresist / UV box method. It produces exactly the same quality of PCB. It is ideal for protype, trial boards, or even small scale production

To make a PCB:
  1. Print out your design on a laser printer or photocopier
  2. Use a heat source and Toner Transfer Paper to transfer the ink to the copper board
  3. Use a heat source and Green or White TRF Foil to 'seal' the ink now on the copper board
  4. Etch using 'the sponge technique'
  5. Solder components as normal
This starter kit contains:
  • 20 sheets Toner Transfer Paper
  • 2 Single Sided + 2 Double Sided Copper Panels (each is 8" x 10" 1/2oz Copper, .032" thick)
  • Green TRF Foil (8" Wide x 15' Long)
  • White TRF Foil (8" Wide x 15' Long)
  • Test Image Check Sheet

Each of the items in the starter pack are available individually. Please note : We do not currently supply the preferred heat source, a special type of office laminator. Until we do, it's possible to use an iron. Details are below.