Qwiic Connect System

Our new range of products featuring SparkFun's brand new I2C connection system "Qwiic". We've got a range of sensors, actuators, shields, cables and more to get you going Qwiicly. Check out our blog post on why we think the new connection system is great as well as an overview of what we've got in stock.
Gps Breakout - Xa1110 (Qwiic) (Gps-14414) - Gps

GPS Breakout - XA1110 (Qwiic) (GPS-14414)

£39.98 inc VAT
£33.32 ex VAT
Sparkfun Real Time Clock Module - Rv-1805 (Qwiic) (Bob-14558) - Active Components
Uv Light Sensor Breakout - Veml6075 (Qwiic) (Sen-15089) - Qwiic