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Mote pHAT

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Mote pHAT lets you run Pimoroni's beautiful Mote lights straight from your Pi or Pi Zero, for a super-compact setup. Connect up to 4 Mote light strips, with Pimoroni's Mote cables, to the 4 channels provided and away you go! That's up to 64 pixels.

The female header comes un-soldered, so you can combine Mote pHAT with Pimoroni's other pHATs to display sensor readings or control Mote with buttons or switches.

The MagPi said that "Mote pHAT offers a compact, discreet way of controlling them without the need to connect to the USB port of a laptop or Pi" and that it was "great value" in their four star review.

  • four Mote channels (using microUSB connectors)
  • Up to 64 RGB LEDs with 4 of Pimoroni's 16 pixel Mote strips
  • 2x LC125A quadruple bus buffer gates
  • Mote pHAT pinout
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 2, B+, A+, Zero, and Zero W
  • Python library
  • Female header requires soldering


    Pimoroni have put together a Python library to make using Mote pHAT really simple, and ported many of the examples from Pimoroni's standalone Mote library especially for Mote pHAT.