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Wide Input SHIM for Raspberry Pi (all models)

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Power your Pi with a wide range of input voltages from 3 to 16V!

Wide Input SHIM lets you use a range of different power supplies with your Pi, including the ubiquitous 12V barrel jack power supplies. It's super-skinny, so you can solder it straight to your Pi's pins and still use HATs and pHATs on top.

The barrel jack connector on Wide Input SHIM is a 3.5mm outer diameter (OD), 1.3mm inner diameter one, and there's a short male to female adapter cable included to allow you to use the common 5.5mm OD barrel jacks too.

There's also a short cable included with a 3.5mm OD barrel jack on one end and tinned wires on the other, in case you want to attach it directly to something like a bench power supply or to solder it into a project.

Note: This kit requires soldering

Note: Using both micro-USB power and Wide Input SHIM power at the same time is not recommended with Pi Zero / W where there is no protection against back-powering.

  • Contents
    • Wide Input SHIM
    • 2x6 female header
    • 3.5mm OD male to 5.5mm OD female adapter cable (15cm long)
    • 3.5mm OD male to tinned wires cable (15cm long)
  • Super-small SHIM-format board
  • 0.8mm thick PCB
  • Can be used with HATs and pHATs
  • 3.5mm outer diameter barrel jack connector (centre positive)
  • Adapter cables included
  • TPS630701 buck-boost converter chip
  • 5V / up to 2A output
  • 3-16V input
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • EN (enable) pin to switch off output voltage (pull to ground)