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STEM Grove Zero

STEM Grove Zero

The Grove Zero kits feature colour-coded, plug-and-play, programmable electronic modules that have been specially designed for use in STEM education. By combining each of these modules you can build a huge range of different fun, engaging and colourful projects which help students to learn different skills from programming to electronic circuits while encouraging their creativity.

It uses the Grove Zero connection system which adds versatile magnetic adaptors to a variety of electronic modules. This means you can now snap a servo or a sensor to each other with magnets, no more soldering, no more wiring it's a snap 'n' play system making it ideal to be used in any classroom! 

The kits can be programmed using the block-based Codecraft software which is a great way for students to venture into programming and develop troubleshooting skills.  The software is free to download or simply be opened up in a web browser to start programming in no time.

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