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STEM Manufacturing

STEM Manufacturing

Our range of desktop manufacturing machines are an ideal way to help give students more hands-on experience in learning and come away with something they have created! All of these machines are perfect for the classroom due to their size and ability to help simulate mass-production.

Powered by any vacuum cleaner, the FormBox is the first vacuum former designed for independent learning in the classroom. It can be used in a wide range of subjects including art, science and geography, in order to create engaging content. Its simple user interface and portability makes it an ideal device to be used in a variety of learning environments.

The Shapeoko 3 is designed to be affordable enough for any classroom workshop and powerful enough to do high-quality work. With this 3-axis CNC machine, students will be able to create intricate 2D & 3D designs from a range of different materials, making this an ideal machine for technology, art and textile lessons! 

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