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xArm 5 Lite

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The xArm range from uFactory is the start of a new generation of incredible robotic arms for manufacturing, research and much more! The xArm Lite 5 it has 5 independently controlled joints and can be installed and set up in as little as 10 minutes. With a huge reach range of 691mm and payload weights of up to 2KG it's ideal for a wide range of applications. You can use it out of the box with the easy-to-use app of fully customise and program the robot using a number of different languages.

Fast Setup: Unlike other industrial-grade robotic arms the xArm is lightweight and easy to configure. This means you can easily move and use it in different places.

Different End-Actuators: The xArm features a universal tool mount port which allows you to install a huge range of different tool heads.

Human-like Flexibility: With a payload of 2KG, a working range of 691mm and repeatability of +-0.2mm. It's able to replicate the movement of a human arm with incredible dexterity.

Powerful and Fast Processor: The xArm is powered by an ARM x86 chip which is powerful and optimised to handle complex control algorithms. This makes the arm more reliable and easier to program.

Computer Vision: Easily use the xArm computer vision system with the open SDK.


The xArm is perfect for a range of different applications including:

  • SMEs Manufacturing
  • Robotics Reseach
  • Makers & Makerspaces
  • Film/Television Productions
  • And so much more

Please Note: This is just the xArm and does not include any of the end actuators or grippers these must be purchased separately.


  • Payload (KG): 2
  • Reach (mm): 691
  • Degrees of Freedom (DoF): 5
  • Repeatability (mm): +-0.2
  • Typical Tool Maximum Speed (m/s): 0.33
  • Weight(KG): 8.5


  • Ambience Temperature Range: 0-50 Degrees Celcius
  • Power Consumption: 8.4W(Min), 120W(Typical), 240W(Max)
  • Input Power Supply: 24V DC, 10A
  • Power Supply: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz


  • IP Classification: IP54
  • ISO Class Cleanroom: 5
  • Robot Mounting: Any
  • I/O Ports: Digital x 2, 485 x 2


  • Programming: Python, C++, ROS Underlying Interface
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac/iOS, Linux, Android
  • Communication Protocol: Self-defined
  • Communication Mode: RS-485, Ethernet, TCP-IP


  • Footprint: 126mm
  • Materials: Aluminum, Carbon Fiber
  • Tool Connector Type: M5
  • Reach: 691mm