This category contains every product you would need to create many different types of wearable electronics project. 

We stock conductive thread and fabrics, the Lilypad, Flora and Gemma range of wearable microcontrollers and sensors, including kits for the perfect start to making wearables. Wearable electronics also includes goggle kits, Arduino wearable MCU, wearable sensors and connectors that would suit wearable projects.

Conductive Thread Bobbin - 30Ft - Lilypad

Conductive Thread Bobbin - 30ft

£2.84 inc VAT
£2.37 ex VAT
Lilypad Coin Cell Battery Holder - Switched - 20Mm - Lilypad
Lilypad Arduino Usb - Atmega32U4 Board (Dev-12049) - Lilypad
Microview - Oled Arduino Module (Dev-12923) - Wearable

MicroView - OLED Arduino Module (DEV-12923)

£34.03 inc VAT
£28.36 ex VAT
Lilypad Led Blue (5Pcs) (Dev-10045) - Leds

LilyPad LED Blue (5pcs) (DEV-10045)

£3.95 inc VAT
£3.29 ex VAT
Lilypad Simblee BLE Board - RFD77101 (DEV-13633) - LilyPad Sold out
Lilypad Arduino 328 Main Board - Lilypad

LilyPad Arduino 328 Main Board

£17.99 inc VAT
£14.99 ex VAT
Lilypad Slide Switch (Dev-09350) - Lilypad

LilyPad Slide Switch (DEV-09350)

£3.38 inc VAT
£2.82 ex VAT
Lilypad Mp3 (Dev-11013) - Lilypad

LilyPad MP3 (DEV-11013)

£42.54 inc VAT
£35.45 ex VAT
Tinytile - Intel Curie Dev Board - Dev Boards

tinyTILE - Intel Curie Dev Board

£53.89 inc VAT
£44.91 ex VAT
Lilytiny - Lilypad Controller (Dev-10899) - Lilypad

LilyTiny - Lilypad Controller (DEV-10899)

£4.57 inc VAT
£3.81 ex VAT
Lilypad Xbee (Dev-12921) - Zigbee

LilyPad XBee (DEV-12921)

£14.18 inc VAT
£11.82 ex VAT
Flora Wearable Ultimate Gps Module (Id: 1059) - Gps