Wireless components, including wifi, bluetooth, ultrasonic and more.

It's easier than ever before to send data wirelessly. Whether you want to use WiFi, Xbee or other protocols, we stock affordable, easy to use devices, that can often be integrated into your project within a few hours.

 These days, many of the modules are extremely low power. A good example is the 'Bluetooth Low Energy' standard. Most modules have built in antennas, with some offering external antenna connectors for better range.

 Some of the most exciting wireless technology is GPRS, the same method that a mobile phone uses to send and receive data. With a GPRS module and a SIM card, you can deploy your hardware anywhere in the world with a cellular network and have data sent back to your central server.

Adafruit Feather Nrf52 Bluefruit Le - Nrf52832 (Id: 3406) - Bluetooth
Feather 32U4 Bluefruit Le (Id: 2829) - Bluetooth

Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE (ID: 2829)

£29.95 inc VAT
£24.96 ex VAT
Bluefruit Le Uart Friend - Bluetooth Low Energy (Id: 2479) - Bluetooth
Ubertooth One - Bluetooth

Ubertooth One

£99.98 inc VAT
£83.32 ex VAT
Mdbt42Q - Nrf52832 Based Ble Module - Bluetooth

MDBT42Q - nRF52832 based BLE module

£10.00 inc VAT
£8.33 ex VAT
Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy - Ble Shield V2.1 - Bluetooth

Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy - BLE Shield v2.1

£24.82 inc VAT
£20.68 ex VAT
Portable Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board - Bluetooth
Lopy Lora Wifi + Ble Micropython Dev Board - Other Sold out

LoPy LoRa, WiFi + BLE MicroPython Dev Board

£38.30 inc VAT
£31.92 ex VAT
Bluetooth Smd Module - Rn-42 (V6.15) (Wrl-12574) - Bluetooth
Wipy 2.0 Wifi + Bluetooth Micropython Dev Board - Dev Boards
Pycom Fipy - Dev Boards

Pycom FiPy

£71.99 inc VAT
£59.99 ex VAT
Blend Micro - Arduino With On Board Bluetooth Low Energy - Bluetooth Sold out
Ble Mate 2 (Wrl-13019) - Bluetooth

BLE Mate 2 (WRL-13019)

£27.23 inc VAT
£22.69 ex VAT
Argon - Iot Development Board (Wi-Fi + Mesh + Bluetooth) - Bluetooth
Rfduino - Simblee Starter Kit (Dev-13785) - Bluetooth Sold out

RFduino - Simblee Starter Kit (DEV-13785)

£78.00 inc VAT
£65.00 ex VAT
Ble (Dual Mode) Bee - Bluetooth

BLE (dual mode) Bee

£19.79 inc VAT
£16.49 ex VAT