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Year 5 - Year 6

Year 5 - Year 6

We have some fantastic cross-curriculum kits help promote STEM education while being great for beginners and providing easy progression onto more advanced skills in programming and electronics.

The BBC micro:bit is a simple to use and learn educational development board designed by the BBC for use within the classroom. Due to the simplicity of block programming and plug-and-play electronics the micro:bit is incredibly easy for beginners of all ages to learn!

The Makey Makey is an ideal cross-curriculum board that can be used in any subject. Students can use it as a controller for games they code, help teach about conductivity in Science, use it to show students how velocity is calculated, program a drum kit out of bananas or design an interactive poster for History!

The Edison Robot can be programmed through barcodes and block programming languages, for a complete STEM teaching resource for coding and robotics education for students aged 4 to 16.

The Makeblock range of products is designed for STEM learning and to help teach programming and robotics. The free mBlock software is available on PC, Mac, Android and iOS and works with their entire range of products making it readily available to use.

The Grove Zero kits feature colour-coded, plug-and-play, and programmable electronic modules that have been specially designed for use in STEM education. Combining these modules help students to learn programming and electronic circuits while encouraging their creativity by building a huge range of different fun, engaging and colourful projects.

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