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35 Opto-Display Terminal Block Projects

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Electrical and electronic projects that respond to light, or produce it, have always been popular with constructors. However, the development of multi-coloured light emitting diodes (LEDs) with lower power consumption than bulbs, has opened up a fascinating new opto-display field, particularly suited to beginners in electronics. To encourage newcomers, none of the projects requires hot soldering irons or high voltages. So even young children can screw the components together on terminal blocks, apply a low-voltage battery and get things working.

After an introductory chapter on opto-devices and components, the projects are graded so that even a newcomer to electronics can score successes with a light telegraph, flashing lapel badge, magnetic detector, etc. before tackling more ambitious projects such as a dusk detector, novel games, suspenseful electronic dice, or twinkling Christmas decorations.

Many of the projects serve to provide practical experience to complement the theory of the GCSE electronics course.

Finally, the project has been designed, using discrete components and popular ICs in a variety of circuits that will hopefully widen the constructor experience.

A Babani Electronics Book by R. Bebbington