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Adafruit VEML6075 UVA UVB and UV Index Sensor Breakout (ID: 3964)

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RETIRED PRODUCT - We've stopped stocking this product or it has been retired by the manufacturer and is no longer for sale. This page remains available for its resources and as a source of potential interest.

This little sensor is a great way to add UVA and UVB light sensing to any microcontroller project. The VEML6075 from Vishay has both true UVA and UVB band light sensors and an I2C-controlled ADC that will take readings and integrate them. The sensor also comes with calibration registers so you can easily convert the UVA/UVB readings into the UV Index.

Compared to our other UV sensors, this one actually does a pretty good job of getting accurate UV data. Unlike the Si1145, it has a real UV sensor, and in contrast to the VEML6070, it has dual-band sensors and an Index calculation algorithm. So far this is the best UV sensor we've got!

This UV sensor works great with 3 or 5V power or logic, its nice and compact, and it's easy to use with any I2C-capable microcontroller. 

Each order comes with one assembled PCB with a sensor, power regulator, level shifting and a small piece of a header row. Some light soldering is required to attach the header but it's a fast task!