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AM2315C - Encased I2C Temperature/Humidity Sensor

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The AM2315C is a nice, enclosed temperature and humidity sensor that can be powered by anything from 2.5V to 5.5V so it's good with 3V or 5V microcontrollers. You can take sensor readings as often as you like, and it uses standard I2C so it's super easy to use with any Arduino or Linux/Raspberry Pi board.

While it is not rated as 'weatherproof', this sensor would do much better for sensing in weather conditions where there might be wind or rain than SHT PCB-breakout sensors, and the I2C interface makes it easier to interface with microcomputers that can't do the delicate timing of DHT sensors.

This sensor has a typical accuracy of ±2% relative humidity, and ±0.3 °C at 20-80% RH and 20-60 °C. There is only one I2C address so it's not a good option when you need multiple humidity sensors.

  • I2C address 0x38 (cannot be changed)
  • 2.5V to 5.5V power and logic level
  • Cable Length: 508mm / 20"
  • Wiring order: Red: Power, Black: Ground, Yellow: SDA, White: SCL
  • 4 wires, 50mm / 2" long
  • Built-in 4.7K I2C pullup resistors.
  • Usage Humidity: 0... 100%RH
  • Usage Temperature: -40ºC – 80ºC
  • Body size 98mm x 16mm diameter (4" x 0.9" )
  • Typical accuracy of ±2% relative humidity, and ±0.3 °C at 20-80% RH and 20-60 °C
  • Overall accuracy of ±3% relative humidity, and ±0.5 °C