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An Introduction to Light in Electronics

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Taken for granted by us all perhaps, yet this book could not be read without it, light plays such an impressive role in daily life that we may be tempted to consider just how much we understand it. We most certainly appreciate its existence and although it has been around for a long time and now is the subject of much research, there is further to go if all the ifs and buts are to be eradicated.

Here it can only be claimed that the book makes a start (and we hope, a good one) into a fascinating and enlightening subject. It might be felt that such a study is going to involve us in much mathematical manipulation. Not so, for here nothing more than basic mathematics is employed. The book has been written with the general electronics enthusiast in mind, not the expert although many of these dedicated people may enjoy some light refreshment.

A Babani Electronics Book by F.A. Wilson