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Argon ONE M.2 Aluminum Case for Raspberry Pi 4 - With SSD support via M.2, Two Full-Sized HDMI, Power Button, Cooling Fan & IR Support

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Do you want to add m.2 SSD support and full-sized dual HDMI connectors to your Raspberry Pi 4? The new Argon ONE M.2 is a Raspberry Pi 4 compatible case made from an aluminium alloy with a polished Space Grey finish providing you with both stunning aesthetics and functionality.

It currently offers one of the best cooling solutions for Raspberry Pi 4, an extension that connects the processor to a thermal cooling pad transferring it to the case like a heatsink to passively cool the motherboard. It also comes with a built-in PCB board with a 30mm fan attached that can be easily configured via the terminal to actively cool the Raspberry Pi further. Along with improved front and rear air vents, these two cooling systems combined ensure long-lasting use without overheating.

The case comes with a top and bottom, 4 screws, a built-in PCB Board, a silicon cooling pad, and a PCB Board that extends the audio and micro HDMI ports. Assembling the Raspberry Pi with the case though is as easy as 1, 2, 3. All that’s needed is a four-way screwdriver, to tighten the screws to the bottom of the case. After placing the Raspberry Pi and installing the OS on the SD Card, a one-line script needs to be typed into the terminal so that the power button and fan can be used.

Connect an SSD to your Raspberry Pi 4

The Argon One allows you to connect M.2 SATA SSD drives with Key-B or Key-B&M of any size to your Raspberry Pi. It has an M.2 connector inside the case which connects to your Pi via the provided USB 3.0 adapter. The connection is also UASP supported, which means, it allows for high-speed data transfers, enabling the drive to be used as a boot drive for your Raspberry Pi, to dramatically increase boot times. 

Two full-sized HDMI connectors

At times it can be difficult to find a micro-HDMI to full-size HDMI cable when you want to connect your Raspberry Pi 4 to an external display, however, this case solves this issue by including two full-sized HDMI connectors.

Power Button for your Raspberry Pi

Normally a Raspberry Pi gets powered as soon as you connect it to the power supply and does not have a power button onboard. Argon ONE changes this with a power button installed on the case, allowing you to easily turn on your Raspberry Pi and perform safe shutdowns, reboots, and forced shutdowns.

Colour-coded GPIO Pins

The case was designed with one main purpose, protecting the Raspberry Pi without compromising the full functionality of the motherboard. The built-in PCB board extends and colour codes the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi. When not in use, a removable magnetic top helps cover and protect them from damage. This makes the Pins accessible at all times, allowing the Raspberry PI to be used in various electronics projects.

Power Management Modes and IR support

This case enables two power management modes with automatic booting or “Always ON Mode” and has programmable IR support to the Raspberry Pi with streamlined options

  • Sleek aluminium alloy enclosure.
  • M.2 SATA SSD compatible with Key-B or Key-B&M.
  • UASP is supported for high-speed data transfers with Raspberry Pi 4.
  • Two full-sized HDMI ports with 4K output.
  • Two power management modes with automatic booting or "Always ON Mode".
  • The built-in power button for safe shutdowns reboots and forced shutdowns.
  • Efficient passive cooling with the whole top part of the case being a heatsink.
  • Built-in 30mm fan with software-controllable fan speed.
  • Programmable IR support to the Raspberry Pi with streamlined options.
  • All the connectors are located at the back for neat cable management.
  • Plastic base for excellent Wi-Fi signal strength.
  • Easy installation with magnetic removable top.
  • Easily accessible GPIO with colour-coded pinouts.