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Bare Conductive Touch Board

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This Touch Board makes your projects interactive.

One tool, a million possibilities! Create sensors with the Touch Board’s 12 electrodes and trigger sounds through its MP3 player. Make a MIDI piano, an interactive wall, a proximity sensor — you decide. Use our cross‐platform installer to add loads of code examples to the Arduino IDE.

Not sure where to get started? Take a look at the Touch Board Starter Kit. It comes with all the materials and ideas you need to get making today!

Getting started is easy:

The Touch Board comes pre-programmed with an audio guide that takes you through the basic features and highlights of the board. The tutorial in the resources tab will get you up and running in no time.

Capacitive touch and distance sensing:

Want to paint an interactive wall? The Touch Board is for you. Connect something conductive – like our Electric Paint – to any one of the 12 electrodes and turn it into a reliable touch or distance sensor. Use the tutorials in the resources tab to see the power of the Touch Board’s sensors in action.

You've got an Arduino:

The Touch Board is easily programmed via the Arduino IDE. Use the tutorial below to get our libraries and example sketches on your machine instantly. Tune your distance sensors, play MP3s or make an amazing MIDI controller. It’s just an upload away