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Capacitor Kit (Electrolytic)

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The Cool Components Electrolytic Capacitor Kit contains 80 electrolytic capacitors in a range of different values all packed in a reusable component box. Capacitors are commonly used components in circuits such as filters and there’s nothing worse than not having the value you need. We've put together a range of popular capacitor values in one handy kit which is perfect for anyone looking to get started in electronics or just restocking their workbench.


  • 10 x 1uF (50V)
  • 10 x 10uF (50V)
  • 10 x 22uF (50V)
  • 10 x 47uF (25V)
  • 10 x 100uF (25V)
  • 10 x 220uF (16V)
  • 10 x 470uF (16V)
  • 10 x 1000uF (16V)