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Digital Temperature Sensor - TMP102 (Qwiic)

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We all like to know the temperature, right? Well, with the SparkFun TMP102 Digital Temperature Sensor, we've made it just about as easy as it gets. Based on the original Digital Temperature Sensor Breakout - TMP102, they've added Qwiic connectors to bring this board into the plug-and-play Qwiic Ecosystem and added an address jumper instead of breaking out the address pin. However, they still have broken out 0.1"-spaced pins in case you prefer to use a breadboard.

The TMP102 itself is an easy-to-use digital temperature sensor from Texas Instruments. While some temperature sensors use an analogue voltage to represent the temperature, the TMP102 uses the I2C bus of the Arduino to communicate the temperature.

The TMP102 is capable of reading temperatures to a resolution of 0.0625°C, and is accurate up to 0.5°C. The breakout has built-in 4.7kΩ pull-up resistors for I2C communications and runs from 1.4V to 3.6V. I2C communication uses open drain signalling, so there is no need to use level shifting.

  • Uses the 2C interface
  • I2C Address: 0x48 by default (Three additional addresses are available, as well)
  • 12-bit, 0.0625°C resolution
  • Typical temperature accuracy of ±0.5°C
  • 3.3V sensor
  • Supports up to four TMP102 sensors on the I2C bus at a time
  • 2x Qwiic Connectors