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DJ Shield Deluxe - Kit

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The DJ Shield shield for Arduino gives you 5 high-quality buttons and 3 10K linear potentiometers to provide input to your projects. The DJ Shield was designed for use with the Audio Hacker shield but can be used in any Arduino project.

  • 5 x tactile buttons, connected to digital pins 2-6
  • 3 x 10K linear potentiometers connected to analog pins 0,1,2. (shaft is 1/4")
  • 2 x LEDs (one red, one blue) connected to analogue pins 4 and 5 (analogue pins can also be used as digital pins)
  • 3 x aluminium knobs for the potentiometers.
  • Compatible with Arduino Uno, Duemilanove, Due,  Mega, and Leonardo. Uses digital pins 5-13.
  • Easy to assemble kit!

Please Note: 

  • The difference between the DJ Shield Deluxe and Standard Kits is that the Deluxe includes aluminium knobs for the potentiometers whereas the Standard Kit uses plastic knobs.