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EDU:BIT Training & Project Kit for micro:bit (without micro:bit)

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This beginner-friendly micro:bit kit is specially designed to encourage kids to explore STEAM/STEM and learn to code. You can easily program EDU:BIT using the open-sourced Microsoft MakeCode Editor. Just add the EDU:BIT MakeCode Extension and you're good to go. If you're a beginner, you can start with the block programming mode; simply drag, drop and snap the coding blocks together. For more advanced users, you can easily switch to JavaScript or Python mode on MakeCode Editor for text-based programming.

New to coding? Don't worry. This kit comes with a booklet covering 10+1 hands-on coding lessons, which have been creatively structured to introduce programming basics in a fun and engaging manner. Each chapter features a classic childhood game such as Rock Paper Scissors, Snakes and Ladders, Twister, and Simon Says. Follow the step-by-step guide to build the games and then have fun playing with your friends!

At the end of each chapter, there is a challenge which requires you to apply what you've learned to build a useful application for your classroom. Give it a try and if you're stuck, there's always plenty of help to hand with sample codes and extra resources.

Start having fun with EDU:BIT right out of the box, start coding right away and see your board lights up and plays a melody with the press of a button. No wiring is required when used as a training kit.

Each feature and its associated micro:bit IO pin is clearly labelled on the board for easy reference. In addition, indicator LEDs are built on EDU:BIT to ease troubleshooting for both digital and analogue IO pins.

Ready to build your own projects? You can break off the modules on EDU:BIT board for more flexibility in your project design. Plug-and-play cables are provided for you to connect the broken off Bits to the main board.

Please Note:

  • This kit does not come with a micro:bit
  • 1x Piezo buzzer with audio jack
  • 1x Sound sensor
  • 1x Potentiometer
  • 1x IR sensor
  • 4x Programmable RGB LEDs 
  • 3x Big LEDs (traffic light module - red, yellow and green)
  • 2x Push buttons 
  • 3x ports for servo motors
  • 2x ports for DC motors
  • 1x port for I2C Interface (3.3V)
  • Dimension:  157.50 mm x 124.50 mm x 19.00 mm