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EMX Module

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The EMX is a combination of hardware (ARM Processor, Flash, RAM, Ethernet PHY...etc) on a very small (1.55" x 1.8") SMT OEM 8-Layer board that hosts Microsoft .NET Micro Framework with various PAL/HAL drivers. EMX includes GHI's exclusive software and hardware features such as support for USB host, PPP networking, and more.

The EMX Module is a vastly sophisticated piece of hardware. This complexity provides the end-user with a remarkably simple platform to implement in any hardware design.

Looking at the EMX Development System schematic shows just how simple it really is. All you need is 3.3 volts and some connections to bring the latest technologies to your products. With manageable features like a USB host and WiFi, the possibilities are boundless.

The EMX also supports RLP allowing users to load native code. Ideal for real-time and/or processing intensive applications.

Key Features

  • .NET Micro Framework
  • 72Mhz 32-bit Processor
  • 16MB RAM
  • 4.5MB FLASH
  • Embedded LCD controller
  • Embedded Ethernet PHY with DMA communication.
  • Runtime Loadable Procedure
  • Full TCP/IP Stack
  • SSL
  • ZG2100 WiFi Driver
  • PPP ( GPRS/ 3G )
  • DPWS
  • Embedded USB host/device
  • 76 GPIO Pins
  • 39 Interrupt Inputs
  • 2 SPI (8/16bit)
  • I2C
  • 4 UART
  • 2 CAN Channels
  • 7 10-bit Analog Inputs.
  • 10-bit Analog Output
  • 4-bit SD/MMC Memory card interface
  • 6 PWM
  • 160 mA current consumption with everything enabled
  • 40mA Hibernate Mode
  • -40