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GigaBlox – Small GigaBit Switch

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The Compact GigaBit Switch

GigaBlox is a tiny form factor GigaBit ethernet switch with five 10/100/1000M ports, designed for space, weight, and power (SWaP) limited applications.

We developed it specifically to address the need for high data throughput inside small internal volumes, a common problem for drones and robots.

GigaBlox has an overall size of 45mm x 45mm, and runs from a very wide input voltage from 6 to 60V (tolerant up to 65V).

GigaBlox – Small GigaBit Switch


Plug and play GigaBit Connectivity

GigaBlox is an unmanaged switch and works straight out the box with zero setup required. All you need to do is.

Apply a 6-55V DC supply.

Connect your devices using the included cable set.

GigaBlox will perform auto-negotiation to select the fastest speed for each connected device, then automatically begin switching.

GigaBlox's switch engine uses a non-blocking fabric, meaning that all five ports are capable of 1Gbps simultaneously. This is crucial for applications with multiple streams of data, typical in camera-based systems.


We've squeezed all necessary Ethernet circuitry into GigaBlox without making performance compromises. We use magnetics for improved signal integrity and electrical isolation between each ethernet bus.

 GigaBlox – Small GigaBit Switch



We use Molex Picoblade connectors on all our boards to keep them tiny, and we include all the cables needed to get started, which are…

1 x GigaBlox to GigaBlox Coupler (Molex male to Molex male)

Use this cable to connect two GigaBlox together to form a larger network.

GigaBlox – Small GigaBit Switch

5 x GigaBlox to RJ-45 Network cables (Molex male to RJ-45)

Use this cable to connect any external ethernet device with an RJ-45 port.

1 x SwitchBlox Power Cabes (Molex male to tinned wires)

Use this cable to connect a 6 - 60V DC power supply to power SwitchBlox. (Input is tolerant up to 65V in a pinch).