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GreatFET One

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Whether you need an interface to an external chip, a logic analyzer, a debugger, or just a whole lot of pins to bit-bang, the versatile GreatFET One is the tool for you. Hi-Speed USB and a Python API allow GreatFET One to become your custom USB interface to the physical world.

GreatFET is designed to provide a significant step up in capabilities from GoodFET while making the design manufacturable at a lower cost than GoodFET. In addition to being designed for automated assembly, it can be hand-assembled with a soldering iron, though it is a more complicated assembly than GoodFET. An important similarity to GoodFET is that GreatFET has a USB bootloader in ROM, so it is possible to build a board by hand and install firmware onto it without the need of any external programming hardware.

  • Programmable digital I/O
  • Serial protocols including SPI, I2C, UART, and JTAG
  • Logic analysis
  • Analogue I/O (ADC/DAC)
  • Data acquisition
  • Debugging
  • Versatile USB functions including Facedancer
  • High-throughput hardware-assisted streaming serial engine
  • Four fabulous LEDs!

Technical Specs: 

  • LPC4330 microcontroller (U1)
  • Hi-Speed USB port (USB0) for connection to a host computer
  • Expansion interface (J1 and J2) of 80 pins (2 female headers with 2 rows of 20 pins)
  • Bonus row of 20 male pins (J7)
  • 4 indicator LEDs
  • 2 buttons, primarily for development (DFU and RESET, just like HackRF One)
  • Full Speed USB port (USB1) for connection to a target (for Facedancer)
  • Power switching for use of USB1 as either host or device
  • Real Time Clock with crystal
  • 3.3 V regulator that can supply some power to neighbours
  • 2 MB flash memory
  • Unpopulated Cortex Debug Header (J5) for JTAG or SWD

For documentation and open source software, visit the greatfet project wiki. For open source hardware design files, see the hardware git repository.