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Grove - 2-Channel Inductive Sensor (LDC1612)

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The Grove - 2-Channel Inductive Sensor is based on Texas Instruments(TI) LDC1612, a 28-bit inductance to digital converter(LDC) for inductive sensing solutions. With multiple channels and support for remote sensing, the LDC1612 enables the performance and reliability benefits of inductive sensing to be realised at minimal cost and power. Inductance is an effect caused by the magnetic field of a current-carrying conductor acting back on the conductor. By sensing the inductance, this sensor can detect the proximity of conductors, especially metal nearby.

Typical applications of this sensor include:

  • Knobs in consumer, appliances, and automotive
  • Linear and rotational encoders
  • Buttons in home electronics, wearables, manufacturing, and automotive
  • Keypads in manufacturing and appliances
  • Slider buttons in consumer products
  • Metal detection in industrial and automotive
  • POS and EPOS
  • Flow meters in consumer and appliances
  • Channels With Matched Sensor Drive
  • Easy-to-Use: Minimal Configuration Required
  • Multiple Channels Support Environmental and Aging Compensation
  • Remote Sensor Position of >20 cm Supports Operation In Harsh Environments