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Grove - I2C Motor Driver (L298P)

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The Grove - I2C Motor Driver(L298P) is a common-use motor driver for stepping motor and servo motor. It embeds an STM32 chip for control of the motor driver. This is a 2-channel motor driver, each channel can support up to 1A current. You can also use the I2C interface to transmit data from your favourite microcontroller.

L298 is a high voltage and high current motor driver chip which receives TTL logic signals. They are mostly used when it is needed to operate different loads like motors and solenoids etc where an H-Bridge is required. High power motor driver is required. The Control unit can only provide TTL outputs. Current control and PWM operable single-chip device are needed.

  • MCU: STM32f030f4P6 microcontroller for controlling the Motor Driver.
  • L298P Motor driver chip: common use for a motor driver and can drive stepping motor and servo motor.
  • Selectable I2C address: change the connection of wire hat to get the I2C address from 0x00 to 0x0f, the default I2C address is 0x0f.
  • 2-channel output: able to support 1A current on each channel, max 2A current; Need 6V-12V DC voltage input.
  • User LED: green LED on for the clockwise direction and red LED on for the anti-clockwise direction for each channel.