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Grove Multichannel Gas Sensor (CO,NO2,H2,NH3,CH4)

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RETIRED PRODUCT - We've stopped stocking this product or it has been retired by the manufacturer and is no longer for sale. This page remains available for its resources and as a source of potential interest.

The Grove multichannel gas sensor is an environment sensor with a built in MiCS-6814 which can detect many different types of harmful gases. All the gases can be measured simultaneously which can help you to monitor the concentration of the gases.

This sensor is part of the Grove system, you can plug it onto the Base shield and it will work with Arduino directly without any jumper wires. The interface is I2C, plug it into the I2C port of Base shield and start working with it straight away.



  • Three fully independent sensing elements on one package
  • Built with ATmega168PA
  • I2C interface with programmable address
  • Heating power can be shut down for low power
  • Detectable gases:
  • Carbon monoxide CO 1 – 1000ppm
  • Nitrogen dioxide NO2 0.05 – 10ppm
  • Ethanol C2H6OH 10 – 500ppm
  • Hydrogen H2 1 – 1000ppm
  • Ammonia NH3 1 – 500ppm
  • Methane CH4 >1000ppm
  • Propane C3H8 >1000ppm
  • Iso-butane C4H10 >1000ppm


  • Voltage: 3.1~ 5.25V
  • Ripple(@Max Power):80~100mV
  • Max Heating Power: 88mW
  • Max Power: 150mW
  • ADC Precision: 10Bits
  • I2C Rate: 100kHz
  • VIL(@I2C): -0.5~0.99V
  • VIH(@I2C): 2.31~5.2V

Parts Included

  • 1 x Grove Multichannel Gas Sensor
  • 1 x 26AWG Grove Cable