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Industrial-Grade Optical Rain Gauge RG-9 Rain Sensor

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Rainfall volume provides important information for people's decisions and actions in weather and climate studies, hydrological network monitoring, agriculture, food delivery, and many other industries. This Industrial-Grade Optical Rain Gauge RG-9 detects the size of raindrops and provides information on rain intensity to the users

This industrial-grade optical rain gauge is intended to replace conventional tipping buckets of rain gauges. It uses beams of infrared light within a plastic lens which are about the size of a tennis ball. It is maintenance-free: with the round surface of the lens means that no dirt or debris will clog the sensor. With multiple sensitivity levels including: Rain Drops, Very Light, Medium, and Heavy and selectable detection durations of: No Hold, Hold Time 5 Minutes, Hold Time 10 Minutes, and Hold Time 15 Minutes really makes this a cost effective soultion that requires minimal effort and upkeep.

  • Industrial-grade: round and reliable lens surface which discourages the collection of debris and dirt
  • Easy-installation: on weather station masts, buildings, and other infrastructures
  • Maintenance-free: as a low maintenance rain gauge, it can be used for 7-10 years without replacement
  • Compacted Sized: as small as a tennis ball


  • Input Voltage: Range 5-15 VDC on J1 Reverse polarity protected to 50V or 3.3VDC through pin 8 on J2
  • Current Drain: 110 uA nominal. (No outputs on, dry not raining) 2-4 mA when raining
  • Output: NPN Open Collector Output 100 mA / 80V Max
  • Operating Temp: -40°C to +60°C (Will not detect rain when freezing)
  • DIP Selectable Sensitivity: Rain Drops, Light, Medium, Heavy
  • Supported Baud Rates: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600