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Magic Electronic Projects

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The magic electronics book offers some simple circuits that will add an electric flavour to some of the basic tricks up the performer's sleeve as well as adding a few more. Top hat and magic wand are familliar trademarks of the magician, but throw in a few electronic components and you have the ingredients for a 'magician extraordinaire'.

Suitable for school electronic courses, all the projects in this book are ideal for beginners in electronics and/or magic, a very practical approach to the projects has been adopted by the author.

Most of the circuits in this book are easy to construct and introduce the reader to series and parallel circuits, sensors such as reed switches and light-dependent resistors, LEDs, multivibrator and Hartley oscillators, monostables, bistables and Schmitt triggers, NAND gates and decade counters.

As light and sound are obvious manifestations of electrical and electronic circuits, these feature widely under such chapter headings as'Light fantasic', 'LED astray' and 'Sound Stunts'.

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